Set design is an open-ended conversation between performance and life.  It breathes on stage, illuminating the beauty of life while digging out the emptiness, loneliness, and suffering hidden in the shadows of life.  As a set designer and visual artist, I infuse life into the materials on stage.  I feel empowered by influencing what the audience sees in order to instill specific emotions. 
Theater offers me the opportunity to communicate with the audience and to create an emotional experience.  I also enjoy creating the opportunity for the audience to attain a deeper understanding of life through the ambiance generated in the theatrical space.


Fufan Zhang is a set designer and visual artist from China.  Fufan was a resident scenic designer at National Sawdust for 2017 season and a Donald M. Oenslager fellowship Award in Design recipient.  She received her MFA from Yale School of Drama, where her credits include The Arsonist, Where All the Good Rabbits go (Thrown Stone Theater Company), Winterreise Festival (National Sawdust), Seven Guitars (Yale Repertory Theater ), The Oresteia, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Amy and the Orphans (Yale School of Drama), Mies Julie, Phaedra’s Love (Yale Summer Cabaret), Salt Pepper Ketchup (Yale Cabaret).  Other credits included production design for Yamakawa, a series of photographs by Youjia Qu; The Terrorists (Best Foreign Short Film Award, Seoul International Youth Film Festival), Show Time (Best Film, 48 Hour Film Project, Beijing) and Yashan (Excellent Play in Students’ Drama Festival of Gold Hedgehog, Beijing).   Fufan has a BFA in stage, film, and television design from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing.