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Set design is an open-ended conversation between performance and life.  It breathes on stage, illuminating the beauty of life while digging out the emptiness, loneliness, and suffering hidden in the shadows of life.  As a set designer and visual artist, I infuse life into the materials on stage.  I feel empowered by influencing what the audience sees in order to instill specific emotions. 


Theater offers me the opportunity to communicate with the audience and to create an emotional experience.  I also enjoy creating the opportunity for the audience to attain a deeper understanding of life through the ambiance generated in the theatrical space.

Fufan Zhang is a Chinese set designer and visual artist based in New York City. 

Fufan was a resident scenic designer at National Sawdust for 2017 season.  Fufan received an MFA in Set Design from Yale School of Drama and a BFA in stage, film, and television design from The Central Academy of Drama in Beijing.

Recent credits include Rough Magic (The New School); The Treatment (IATI Theater); We are not well (The Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute); The Nutcracker (The Garde Arts Center); Cry it out, Birds of North America, Arsonist, Where All the Good Rabbits go (Thrown Stone Theater Company);  Winterreise Festival and  Opening Night Show 2017-2018 Season (National Sawdust);  Seven Guitars (Yale Repertory Theatre);  The Oresteia, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Amy and the Orphans (Yale School of Drama Iseman Theatre);  Mies Julie, Phaedra’s Love (Yale Summer Cab);  Salt Pepper Ketchup (Yale Cab).


Other credits included production design for Yamakawa, How to Kill Juanjuan, The Terrorists (Best Foreign Short Film Award, Seoul International Youth Film Festival), Show Time (Best Film, 48 Hour Film Project, Beijing) and Yashan (Excellent Play in Students’ Drama Festival of Gold Hedgehog, Beijing). 

Fufan associate designed  Goodnight Nobody (McCarter Theater Center), The Winter's Tale (Theater for A New Audience), and assisted on productions included  The Women's Party (Clubbed Thumb), The Ring Cycle (Opera Australia), Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise (The Shed), Ain't No Mo (The Public Theater), A Doll's House, Part 2 (Long Warf Theatre), King and I (Manchester Opera House) etc.

Fufan is membership of Ridgefield Guild of Artists. Her solo exhibitions included ArtWalk 2018, Walk on Down Exhibition 2018, Lies 2009.

She is also a receiver of Donald and Zorca Oenslager Travel Fellowship Award in Design, Pierre-Andre Salim Memorial Scholarship.

​张馥凡是纽约独立舞台设计师和视觉艺术家,现为纽约National Sawdust常驻设计师和里奇菲尔德艺术家协会成员。张馥凡师承世界当代舞台美术设计泰斗李明觉,以全额奖学金毕业于耶鲁大学戏剧学院舞台设计系,本科毕业于中央戏剧学院舞台美术系。她的设计作品涉及领域包括话剧、音乐剧、舞剧、歌剧、电影和商业广告的舞台设计,平面设计和视觉艺术。


近期作品:戏剧《魔法的力量》纽约新学院表演艺术学院;戏剧《治疗》IATI剧场;音乐剧《我们不舒服》李斯特拉斯堡戏剧电影学院;芭蕾舞剧《胡桃夹子》美国新伦敦前卫艺术中心;戏剧《哭出来》、《北美的鸟》、《纵火犯》、《所有好兔子去向哪里》美国里奇菲尔德音乐学院;National Sawdust冬之旅音乐节和2017-2018季开幕式;  戏剧《七八吉他》耶鲁经典剧目剧场;《奥瑞斯提亚》、《仲夏夜之夜》、《艾米和孤儿》耶鲁戏剧学院伊斯曼剧院;《朱莉小姐》、《淮德拉的爱》、《盐胡椒和番茄酱》耶鲁歌舞剧场。

其他领域作品包括:系列摄影作品《山山而川》艺术总监和场景美术设计;音乐微电影《如何杀死卷卷》艺术指导、服装设计和场景设计;微电影《恐怖分子》艺术总监,获得第五届公州-申相玉青年电影节优秀短片奖;微电影《Show Time》艺术总监,获得48 Hours Project北京赛区评委会大奖、最受观众欢迎奖、最佳导演奖、最佳编剧奖、最佳摄影奖、最佳剪辑奖和最佳道具奖;话剧《崖山》舞台设计获得北京金刺猬大学生戏剧节优秀剧作奖。


助理设计作品包括《妇女党》Clubbed Thumb; 陈世争执导歌剧《指环》澳大利亚歌剧院;陈世争执导音乐剧《龙腾凤舞》The Shed; 《不再是》公共剧院;《玩偶之家第二部》长码头剧场;百老汇音乐剧《国王与我》巡回演出曼彻斯特歌剧院;王晓鹰执导《半个月亮》安徽大剧院;《天下大同》云冈石窟演艺中心等等。

个人画展: ArtWalk 2018 (Way 画廊); Walk on Down 展览2018  (里奇菲尔德艺术家协会)。

​获得奖项:Donald 和 Zorca Oenslager 设计成就奖, 耶鲁大学 Pierre-Andre Salim 全额奖学金,中国国家奖学金等等。

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